Juggling your schedule isn't impossible. Lady juggling clock, house, computer, baby bottle, weights, etc.

Schedules are a necessary evil

As an entrepreneur, juggling your schedule, shuffling and rejiggering is an art form. As we add responsibilities, clients and products or services, we constantly rearrange things.

It’s not always easy to stuff more into what seems to be a schedule already bursting at the seams. And to make matters worse, everything has to work around medical appointments, networking meetings, business lunches and everything else life throws at us. But somehow, we do it.

You just never know what the schedule will show

Problems pop up, new work arrives and phone calls need to be made. It’s all a part of being your own boss. People with a 9-5 life just don’t understand why we are rescheduling dinners and bailing on activities in order to secure that new client or meet a deadline that is ticking down to the last minute.

Anything can throw the old schedule out of wack. It doesn’t have to be a disaster. Good news can also wreak havoc on our calendars. But that’s half the fun. Isn’t it? You never know what will happen next. It’s the joy and the misery of owning your own business.

Work life balance

Having a good work life balance is tough to achieve, but it’s possible. Do your best to schedule everything you do on your calendar. Don’t take on more responsibilities than you can handle. You are allowed to say no every now and then.

Schedule breaks and lunch on your calendar so you remember to do those things. Also, schedule time for making phone calls and answering emails. Those things might take up more time than you realize.

Gotta make those sacrifices

In order to get ahead in this world, some sacrifices must be made. Entrepreneurs know that. We live by it. Just be patient with us, it’ll work out in the end.

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