communicate regularly with your target audience with a newsletter or ezine

Your best source of referrals is your current list of clients, prospects and friends. Communicate regularly with them with a monthly newsletter via email. You will see this is a good way to make the most of your list. The process doesn’t have to be painful.

Build your mailing list

Of course, the more people who are on your mailing list, the better. Use your contacts, referral sources and friends to get started. Then begin adding names as you go along. Ask people to sign up on your website and/or on Facebook. Set up links to Constant Contact or MailChimp (bulk emailing apps) that will automatically add signups directly to your list.

Be consistent

Make sure you send out your ezine, newsletter or email regularly. The email can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or however often you want – as long as you are consistent.

Everyone is busy

Don’t make the newsletter too long or throw out too much information at once. If you have lots of content to share, break it up into more reasonable parts. Your newsletter should be short enough to read while drinking a cup of coffee.

What do I write?

Confused about what type of content to send to your list? Think about what you do every day. Give an example of how you helped a client. Write about an interesting meeting you attended. A story about a personal triumph helps build a relationship with your readers. It doesn’t have to be life-changing information, just something that will be of interest to your target audience.

Everyone doesn’t need your products or services today

While your goods or services will come in handy at some point, everyone doesn’t need you right now. Put your business name in front of as many people as possible on a regular basis. When you communicate regularly you will ensure that when someone does need you, your business will come to mind.

Don’t give up

Need help with your newsletter? Social Squids is available to get the message to your target. If you don’t have an account set up with Constant Contact or MailChimp, we can take care of that too. (However, your mailing list needs to be in a spreadsheet format.) Contact Social Squids with any questions.

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