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As more businesses jockey for position to be the best, they use their social media pages to gain popularity. While you give your target audience the information they want, you need to find a way to deliver it so that it is seen.

Some have one-time offers, others contests and still more have funny pictures. No matter what strategy you employ, you must do something to attract new viewers.

Lots of social media pages have “suggest a caption” contests. Those are fun because people think of the most outrageous things you would never think of on your own. Viewers often share these funny photos. Come up with something that is thought-provoking. Remember that you either need permission to use a photo or have taken it yourself to avoid copyright infringements.

You can do a lot with videos. They do not have to be professionally done. Many people use their laptop’s webcam to create video content for their sites. People love watching videos and looking at photos. It is so much more interesting than straight text. Even if your website is devoted to something very serious, you can always add some tasteful artwork to go with it.

There are programs like Canva or Adobe Express that will help you fine-tune photos you take and make them look a little better. By using your own photos, you know no one else will be using the same image. If you don’t have the skills to take photos worthy of your blog or Facebook page, subscribe to a photo service in order to get copyright-free material to use on your site. Companies like will sell rights for individual photos. There are some free photo sources such as or

Even creating a meme, some having no artwork at all, is gaining in popularity. A lot of times they are old-fashioned-looking photos or artwork with a catchy phrase. In the case of I Can Has Cheezburger, the LOL cats are seriously lacking in their knowledge of grammar. The text is usually misspelled. This is because cats can’t spell! Many times, unfortunately, I believe there are misspellings not done on purpose.

A meme is defined by Bing:


[ meem ]

1. cultural characteristic passed down generations: any characteristic of a culture, e.g. its language, that can be transmitted from one generation to the next in a way analogous to the transmission of genetic information. 

Making your social media pages look more interesting will help get page views, likes and retweets. When you have that kind of interest, your business will grow. The more people who view your information, the better the odds are for you to get new business.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to add some whimsy to your Facebook or other social media pages. Jump in and build up the page with artwork and maybe even video. You will quickly discover how much new attention you will get.

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