If a website is there and no one looks at it…

… does it really exist?

SEO will help your ranking

Why don’t more people see my website?

You listen to everyone’s advice and you got a website, but no one is visiting. Why does it matter whether or not you have a site or not?

The truth is that you just never know when a prospect may look to see exactly what is on your website and what you do. Almost every business, big or small, has a website. It’s just something you need to do as part of your marketing in today’s world.

The mistake many people make is they think a stagnant website is enough. It’s not.

One of the things the search engines, like Google and bing, look for is activity on those pages and sites. The more active you are, the better.

Websites are ranked by a lot of factors, but one of them is activity – new pages and/or posts and the updating of existing pages and/or posts. If you have a blog and never put anything on it, that’s a negative. If you post regularly it’s a plus.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method by which you can make changes on your website to have the search engines look more favorably at it. How do people search for you? What terms do they use? For example, in my case it is social media, Baltimore, Maryland, Social Squids, graphic design, writing, websites, etc. Those terms are called keywords.

Search engines frequently change their algorithms in order to fight against people trying to cheat the system. The algorithms are getting smarter so people are forced to be more legitimate in how they put words on their sites. That old, tricky tactics made for some terrible writing on websites.

If you use WordPress for your website, there is a handy plugin called Yoast SEO. It works really well by giving you pointers on how to add or subtract things to your site in order to make the SEO better and thereby help your search engine ranking. It focuses on keywords, outbound links, images and other components that will improve the flow and look of your website while helping the search engines find you and send people your way. Yoast uses a red, amber, green light system like traffic lights. The idea is to get all of the pages on your site to be green in the SEO category. There is also a “readability” category that gets a score.

Whether you use Yoast or other software, amping up your site for search engines is important if you want to stay competitive. Social Squids is here if you need us with help for SEO or writing for your site.

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Handy app of the month

PayPal Here

If you use PayPal, adding PayPal Here is a helpful addition. The regular PayPal app only allows you to accept payments from people who have a PayPal account. With PayPal Here, you can order a free card swiper that allows you to accept payments on the spot from anyone with a credit or debit card. There is no monthly charge, just PayPal’s normal fees for accepting a payment.


Why blog?

Blogging… do I have to? I hear this often from business owners.

Blogging is a critical tool to market your business. One goal of every business owner is to have a website ranked highly by Google and other search engines. An inactive page, even if it is highly ranked today, will fall if it is not updated regularly. By having a blog on your website, you are adding content and making the search engines take notice.

Keyword saturation used to be the end all of SEO (search engine optimization). It is a little less important to the ranking process now, but using keywords or key phrases in your blog and web pages, will certainly help your website gain popularity.

In the beginning, pick topics that are easy for you. These topics are critical to your business and you already know them inside and out, making the writing easier. Here are some other blog ideas:

  • Successes and how you achieved them
  • Failures and how you dealt with them
  • Common problems in your field and how you overcame them
  • Tips, tricks and shortcuts (everyone loves these!)
  • Find well-know people in your field for guest blogging
  • Something fantastic you discovered and would like to share

Your blog can serve you in multiple ways. After a blog is written, the major points can be used for social media posts. Larger chunks of blogs can be used in newsletters. Some businesses will even take blogs or newsletters and put them together for a book to give away or sell.



Social Squids offers writing for newsletters, web content, blogs, graphics for print or online, social media, website design and updating.

We have far-reaching tentacles!

Holli Friedland, Owner
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