Small businesses need great customer service

Customer service frustrations

You’ve probably experience customer service frustrations too I spent several hours today on the phone talking to businesses trying to get customer service. Making calls and negotiating my way through automated phone answering systems is enough to make me crazy. And one automated system wasn’t working correctly. It kept asking me to repeat my answer when it had not asked me a question and I had said nothing! My frustrations

If a website is there and no one looks at it…

… does it really exist? Why don’t more people see my website? You listen to everyone’s advice and you got a website, but no one is visiting. Why does it matter whether or not you have a site or not? The truth is that you just never know when a prospect may look to see exactly what is on your website and what you do. Almost every business, big or

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Welcome to the new monthly newsletter, The Ink Slinger by Social Squids. Handy app of the month PayPal Here If you use PayPal, adding PayPal Here is a helpful addition. The regular PayPal app only allows you to accept payments from people who have a PayPal account. With PayPal Here, you can order a free card swiper that allows you to accept payments on the spot from anyone with a credit or

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