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New blogging class

The Edward A. Myerberg Center is offering a unique opportunity — a blogging class — for Jewish women 55 and over. Women are the backbone of our families and we know they have a story to tell. Holli Friedland, owner of Social Squids, will be the facilitator of this blog program. Students of the blogging class will learn the basics. In addition, they will learn techniques of using a WordPress

Juggling your schedule

Schedules are a necessary evil As an entrepreneur, schedule juggling, shuffling and rejiggering is an art form. As we add responsibilities, clients and products or services, we are constantly rearranging things. It’s not always easy to stuff more into what seems to be a schedule already bursting at the seams. And to make matters worse, everything has to work around doctors appointments, networking meetings, business lunches and everything else life

Small businesses need great customer service

Customer service frustrations

You’ve probably experience customer service frustrations too I spent several hours today on the phone talking to businesses trying to get customer service. Making calls and negotiating my way through automated phone answering systems is enough to make me crazy. And one automated system wasn’t working correctly. It kept asking me to repeat my answer when it had not asked me a question and I had said nothing! My frustrations

Giving Tuesday – B. Udelle Friedland Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Giving Tuesday For Giving Tuesday, I’m hoping for donations to the scholarship fund in my Mom’s name at the University of Maryland. The photo in the middle is the day she received her doctorate in Counseling and Guidance from WVU. Visit B. Udelle Friedland Memorial Endowed Scholarship to make a donation. Started a few years ago by my brother David, the scholarship fund is a way for my family to


Today is DNA Day and there are so many reasons to find out about your DNA. In my family, my brother had it done, along with a couple cousins. For me, since I already knew where my family came from, finding out in which countries my ancestors lived was a lot less important that the other information from DNA testing. DNA for family The great news is, we discovered new

Self-doubt, worry and emissions testing

For the first time ever, I had my emissions tested well ahead of the deadline. So worried that I would not pass due to car problems I’ve had recently, I wanted to get it over with and find out what problems needed to be fixed. Figuring that the week between Christmas and New Year’s would be a less busy time to take care of the emissions testing, I went yesterday.

Comcast: A lesson in customer service

I will start by saying, this is not the type of customer service we offer Social Squids. If we did, we would have no clients. This is more of a cautionary tale. I’ve been a Comcast/Xfinity customer for about 30 years now. Not sure why. Many problems over the years, including the fact that none of my phone jacks work any more and all of the phone wires are a mess, have been a

A word for the ladies…

With all of the talk about sexual harassment and abuse in the news today, I feel like I need to go off topic and address this issue myself. I was a victim more than once of this type of abuse when I was young. The men were not billionaires or famous, just predators who thought they could do anything and get away with it at work. And they actually did.

What would you do?

Last week I found myself in an awkward situation. Maybe you have been there a time or two yourself. Here is my story… This morning I am sitting in Starbucks for the second time waiting for someone who has not shown up. It is my second attempt on an appointment with this person and getting together was his idea. He seemed rather embarrassed when I talked to him after he

Freedom of speech

In the wake of the events of the past few weeks, many people throughout the world are realizing just how precious the right to freedom of speech is. As Americans, we sometimes take this right for granted. Between the terror events in France and the Sony movie The Interview, we are now seeing how some other people view our freedom. In my business, I have the opportunity to write about a

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