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One of the biggest things in social media for 2022 is the short form video. Many of us don’t want to do video for a variety of reasons, but it is clearly the wave of the future.

In 2021, TikTok changed the one minute limit for their videos to three minutes, even though shorter videos seem to be gaining popularity. And, it seems, attention spans are getting shorter.

Instagram has Reels, which is their version of short-form video content. Reels became popular as soon as they were available. They are 30 or 60 second videos. It’s certainly more fun to watch a video than look at an image and social media was quick to figure out that truth.

Facebook still has videos that are much longer, they can also be short. However, they have had success with long-form videos.

Live video

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook all have live video capabilities. While that was a big thing a couple years ago, it is still very popular. The person doing the live videos has the ability to respond to comments as they appear, which has its advantages. These video broadcasts are longer because they have to have time to build momentum as more people join the livestream.

Video stats

A recent study by Wyzowl discovered, “87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic.” That alone should make you want to post video content. They go on to say that, “94% of marketers say video has helped them increase understanding of product or service.”

What to say in your video?

You can do a “how to.” People love watching cakes being made and decorated. Learning how to plant a garden or do a DIY project is very popular.

If a “how to” doesn’t suit your business, explain what you business is and the goods or services you sell. Explain why someone should hire you to do a service and how it’s easier than doing it yourself. Talk about how your products are useful, who uses them and why.

Give a “behind the scenes tour” of your office, workspace or where your product is created. People love to see what happens behind the curtain. They want to see what only people in your industry get to see regularly. Give them the inside scoop.

Another video topic that works well is tips on doing things. People love tips and hacks to use common household items in unusual ways.

Give video a try in your social media for 2022, but always remember to stay true to your brand. Be authentic. Consumers can spot a poser from a mile away.

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