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When you create a blog post, do you think about SEO (search engine optimization)? It is actually just as important as the content of the post. SEO and its importance cannot be ignored. It helps the search engines find your site and not your competitors’.

Why is SEO important?

If a blog is posted and no one reads it, what good does it do for your business? When people do a search on Google, Bing or other search engines, the work you put into the SEO helps people find your website, page or blog.


All search engines have algorithms where they rank websites. Search engines change these algorithms along with the evolving world, updating software and new social media sites. This is why you have to keep up with the SEO news and update your site to remain relevant. Algorithms can change multiple times each year, so you must constantly learn and change with them.


Keywords are an important part of your writing. Let’s say the topic of your blog is a widget you are selling. What words would you associate with that widget? How do you use the widget? Where do you buy the widget? What ingredients or parts are used to make the widget? These are your keywords. They might be the words someone would use when searching for similar products.


Putting links in your blog entries helps your page’s SEO. An Internal link, a link to another page within your website, helps keep people on your site longer, which also helps SEO. External links, those to other websites, are also helpful. Link to any word, event, city or foreign word that could use a little more explanation. Find a website that explains the word and add a link to that page. 

When you link to another page you are creating a backlink for that page. If you can get other websites to give you a backlink, that’s another way to help your SEO. 


Citations are very helpful to local rankings. They are when other websites mention your business name, address and phone number (NAP). You should make sure you have citations on Google My Business, Bing Maps, Facebook and Yelp. Get listed on as many directories as possible to improve your SEO through citations.


Of course, you want good reviews. It doesn’t matter, good or bad, reviews help your SEO. Ask clients/customers, especially your favorites, for reviews. You can even email them and give them questions to answer that will help them write the review. How do you feel about this service/product? How was your interaction with the business/customer service? If you ever wrote a review for a product on Amazon, you can get an idea of questions to ask.


We rely on SEO to bring people to our businesses. In order to make sure SEO is up to speed, it must be monitored and updated regularly. At least once a year, check SEO for a tune-up. If you need help understanding SEO and its importance on your website, please contact Social Squids for assistance.

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