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Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat during this health crisis, but people are using social media more now than ever before. Have been thinking about using social media for your business? Now is the time!

But it’s not just social media. More people are using their devices for work, play and to keep themselves busy. Consumers are visiting websites, reading emails and checking out social media. It’s a great time to get involved while people are spending much more time on their cellphones, tablets and computers. 

What can we do?

Give them something to demonstrate that your business is here and surviving. Let your audience know how you are coping with the threat of COVID-19. Offer innovative ideas and suggestions they might not discover on their own.

Screen time is definitely up, no matter what devices people are using. As a result, today is an excellent time to engage and inform your audience.

  • Make yourself known to the online community
  • Offer advice on how to stay busy
  • Give people hope for the future
  • Show other businesses how we are all in this together
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field by posting meaningful information
  • Demonstrate how to do something
  • Give people a much needed laugh

What’s next?

Many of us are contemplating what to do for our businesses during social distancing. While you think about that, here are some links to help you relax and be distracted from the reality outside your door.

  • Calm (a mindfulness app/website) is offering free meditations and other resources.
  • Take a virtual field trip through one of many websites with a nature or animal theme.
  • Playbill is offering 15 plays you can watch at home.
  • Visit a museum and go on a virtual tour in some of the most famous museums from around the world.

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