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The Edward A. Myerberg Center is offering a unique opportunity — a blogging class — for Jewish women 55 and over. Women are the backbone of our families and we know they have a story to tell. Holli Friedland, owner of Social Squids, will be the facilitator of this blog program.

Students of the blogging class will learn the basics. In addition, they will learn techniques of using a WordPress site, learning about search engine optimization and how writing for blogs differs from other types of writing.

Some of the people who have already signed up for the blogging class have backgrounds where writing was a major part of their jobs. Others just enjoy writing. Some are tech savvy and others are excited to learn.

Don’t sell seniors short. They are learning technology in places like the Myerberg Center every day. With mobile devices being so user friendly, everyone has an opportunity to learn how to keep up with the younger generations.

The classes will start at the beginning of the year. There will be three years of classes, each lasting one year. There are still a few slots open for the first year. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact Holli at for additional information.

Blogging class for Jewish senior women will be starting in 2020.

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