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What should you put in a brochure?

A brochure is the marketing piece you leave with people when you meet with them. It makes a statement about your business.

What statement do you want to make? Think what an About Us section does on a website. It tells who you are and what you do. That’s what your brochure should say too.

If your business is a service, explain about what services you do. How it works. How people hire you. Explain everything involved. 

Who is your audience? Write the brochure for them.

You can include a price, but we don’t recommend that. Your prices may change by the time you use up all of the brochures. Sometimes people save brochures for years before contacting the business. You want people to come to you because you do an excellent job, not because you have the cheapest price!

If you sell a product or multiple products, use imagery that includes the product. Don’t simply use a basic portrait of the items. You can include those, but it’s more interesting visually to have the product being used by someone who really loves it!

Explain who needs the product, how it works and why people should buy it.

A brochure must have contact information. In the contact info, you can include your social media pages/handles.

An eye catching image on the cover helps too. You can use your logo, a photo or an illustration that will get the attention you want for your brochure.

There are plenty of templates available out there if you want to try to create the brochure yourself. Even if you don’t use one, you can get some ideas from looking at templates.

Endorsements or positive reviews can be included to give you credibility. Let people know what others are saying about you, especially the really things. You don’t have to use names with the endorsements. You can use initials and where they live like AB, Baltimore.

Make your brochure more memorable than a business card and more informative too. Having a printed piece to share just might be the thing that put you over the top and makes someone choose your business over another. 

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