Customer service frustrations

Small businesses need great customer service

You’ve probably experience customer service frustrations too

I spent several hours today on the phone talking to businesses trying to get customer service. Making calls and negotiating my way through automated phone answering systems is enough to make me crazy. And one automated system wasn’t working correctly. It kept asking me to repeat my answer when it had not asked me a question and I had said nothing!

My frustrations made me think about how customer service is very different for those of us who have small businesses. Often times when I’m frustrating talking to the cable company, phone company or other big businesses I throw out the comment, “If I had customer service like you do, I’d have no customers!”

It’s true!

Small businesses to make customers happy

We small business owners have to be champions of every aspect of our businesses from making sure the work gets done to billing and paying bills to customer service.

Taking care of clients with a smile is not always easy, but it’s a big part of client retention. You have to put aside your feelings, whether you are having a great day or a rotten one, and do what you need to do to make your clients happy.

After all of the automated phone system hell I experienced today I can appreciate when someone actually answers the phone and speaks to me.

Staying in touch by answering emails, phone calls and social media comments is a big part of the job. The happier our clients are, the more they are likely to tell others about us.

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