DNA testingToday is DNA Day and there are so many reasons to find out about your DNA. In my family, my brother had it done, along with a couple cousins. For me, since I already knew where my family came from, finding out in which countries my ancestors lived was a lot less important that the other information from DNA testing.

DNA for family

The great news is, we discovered new first cousins we didn’t know were out there’d. We have connected online and are meeting in person in a few weeks. I’m sorry my uncle isn’t around to get to meet his children.

I started a family Facebook page and everyone is sharing photos and stories. It’s been a lot of fun reminiscing. Some of the older relatives helped me identify some unknown people in photos where I either didn’t know who the people were or couldn’t remember. The new cousins told their stories and shared photos with all of us.

Knowledge is power

Finding out about genetic illnesses like the bracha breast cancer gene can be a way to find out if you might have that disease. Of course, you can still get breast cancer even if you don’t have the brachia gene. People have made the decision to have a preventative mastectomy to lower their risk once discovering they did have the gene.

Isn’t science great?


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