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frustrated with iPhone ios6Do you ever feel like you are back-peddling in life? That’s how I felt when I downloaded the new iPhone software. To be fair, I’ll admit I have an older model, the 3GS. I changed my main email about 6-9 months ago and the new version of iCloud reverted back to the old email address and refuses to cooperate!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Apple and Mac. I’ll give away my age and say that I’ve had a Mac since day one and an Apple 2e before that. You can talk to me until you’re blue in the face, but you will never convince me that a PC is better. Sorry.

I taught word processing back in the days of Dos. I’ve kept and used PCs over the years (along with Macs) because some of my clients worked on PC only and the files didn’t translate from one to the other way back when.

Back to my dilemma… I have to say that the people at Apple were very nice, they couldn’t help me, but they were very nice. I seem to always have the “exception to the rule,” no matter what my software, hardware, house or car problems are.

I spoke to three different people at Apple and while I was on the phone for two hours with them, I did a little research. Every time they upgrade anything, they are inundated with phone calls and emails from people with problems. I’m sure this is true with every software company. Usually, (not in my case, but with most people), they give a quick answer and the problem is solved. Honestly, the software generally does most of the work. You just plug your phone into the computer and it is done in a matter of minutes.

After talking to two young techs, I was passed along to an expert. He couldn’t help me either, but we had a great conversation while he tried.

He told me that the new You Tube app is a winner. It apparently has some excellent new features. Many social media sites are changing to keep up with people wanting to share things using the mobile versions. This is wonderful news for those of us who are constantly on the move.

One of the new iPhone features is that when you download a new app, it has a little blue ribbon across it. This helps those people who have tons of apps to find the new ones they just downloaded. Once you use it, the blue ribbon goes away.

The interface with Twitter and Facebook is a main change on the new iOS for the iPhone. Sharing is easier and that’s the name of the game with any new software. Connecting people in every way possible is the goal of all social sites.

I will try not to be discouraged about my problem. If you haven’t upgraded, do it. Don’t let my problems dissuade you. An engineer at Apple has been contacted and will be getting back to me when they figure out how to solve my one-of-a-kind issue.

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